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RC Church Weddings & Legal Requirements

Before you take that all important step of getting married in Lanzarote you need to be sure of whether you are legally eligible to be married here. 
click image to enlargeRest assured that all Marriages in Lanzarote are legal. You will be issued with an International Marriage Certificate which is recognised worldwide.

If you want a Roman Catholic Church wedding you are only eligible if:

- Either Bride or Groom is Roman Catholic
- Both you and your partner are non-divorcees
- Neither of you have been married in a RC Church previously, or if you have that your previous Marriage/s has been annulled or you are widowed

Now that you have decided to get married in Lanzarote in a RC Church the most important thing to arrange is the legal and church papers.
The following documentation is required for a Catholic Church wedding - allow at least 6 months.

- Civil Letter of Freedom or Certificate of NIL Impediment ( depends on country of residence )
- Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form
- Pre-marriage Guidance course Certificate
- Original Long Form Birth Certificates
- Baptismal & Confirmation Certificates
- If annulled you will need the Certificate of Annulment.
- If widowed, you will need your original marriage and death certificates.

Blessings of Civil Ceremonies

A very popular alternative to a RC Church Wedding is a Blessing ceremony. 
This would involve you having a Civil Ceremony in your country of residence first to take care of the legal aspect of the marriage.
As the Legal side of the Marriage has already click image to enlargetaken place all you need is your Marriage Certificate.
The service is very similar to the catholic wedding but conducted by an Anglican Minister.

You can choose from a range of very beautiful venues and locations for your Blessing Ceremony and we can help you with this decision

- Church (Non-divorcees only)
- Gardens, terraces or salon within a hotel
- Outdoor restaurant balcony

Registry Office Weddings

Under Spanish law non-residents of Lanzarote are not eligible for a Civil image to enlarge        In order to qualify both Bride and Groom MUST be residents of Lanzarote for a min of 2 years.

Documentation for Registry Office Weddings can be advised at the time of enquiry as the rules change regularly

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

More and more couples are choosing to renew their wedding vows and not just on anniversaries but for a lot of different reasons.  It is also a once in a lifetime chance for families to holiday together.  

We can organise these beautiful ceremonies with a Roman Catholic Priest or an Anglican Minister.  Personal circumstances will determine which one each couple is eligible for so please consult us for more information.


Commitment Ceremonies

Before some couples take the final step to marry each other either in a Church or a Registry Office they opt to have a commitment ceremony.
This is a wonderful way to show your love for each other, before your friends and family, in a less formal setting.
click image to enlarge
You can take your friends and family aboard the Catamaran, sail out from Puerto Calero, and anchor off the coast.The couple then exchange their “commitment vows” in a very brief but extremely intimate ceremony conducted by the Captain.This is just one of the ways in which you can celebrate your life together – think of your dream and let us make your dream come true.

Client Testimonials

Mark & Aoileann Hayes Married 9th June 2004

We would like to thank you and the guys at Leneghans for all the help you gave us with our Wedding.  You in particular made everything run smoothly and as a result we had an absolutely great day, no fuss or stress.  From start to finish everything was spot on, so thank you.  Thank you for a most memorable day.

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