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To propose or not propose on Valentines day?

Weddings by Ann Leneghan

Written on 08/02/2022

Is it too obvious, and predictable, to propose on Valentines day? 

My hairdresser certainly thinks so. She is happily married and I'm glad that her “hubby” proposed on a different date, otherwise you have to wonder if she would be married at all?   Dare we consider that she might have said NO?

Has Valentines day lost its “sparkle” and become over commercialised?  It's easy to think that way as prices rise and adverts for gifts put pressure and expectation on us to make it a special day.  After a long tough January, the last thing we need is extra pressure on our shoulders.

Lanzarote Wedding Proposal

Back to the question... should you propose on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is traditionally known for being all about LOVE and relationships.  It's the most romantic day of the year, which in theory makes it the perfect day to propose.  On the other hand does it feel 'forced' or 'cheesy'.  Again, is it all a bit too obvious?

To propose or not to propose, that is the question. 


Pro 1

It's memorable. You´ll always remember the exact day your loved one proposed, that's for sure.  You can tell stories to the grandkids about how it happened on the most romantic day of the year

Pro 2

You can plan a weekend of it and bring your partner to their favourite place for a getaway or meal.  A lot of venues will make an extra effort for the 14th.  But be careful.  If you whisk your loved one away somewhere they may already be suspicious about your intentions and the proposal might not be the suprise you want it to be! 

Pro 3

Your partner might not expect it…. Since lots of couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day, popping the question actually might be a surprise! How's that for reverse psychology!


Con 1

Because it might be expected. It can be tough to create that magical moment and could end up being memorable for all the wrong reasons.  Maybe you would rather have your own special day to pop the question, rather than sharing it with millions of others worldwide.

Con 2

Pressure. If you´re not ready to propose, you might feel 'rushed' or 'pressured' into it.  You should ask the question when YOU feel ready, not when the media are telling you to do it.

Con 3

Business often cash in on the commercial aspects of Valentines day and we find that the cost of flowers, romantic gifts & getaways, soar.  True Love doesn't need to cost a fortune and a lot of couples even defer their romantic day to a week after the 14th February.

In summary, maybe you're like my hairdresser, who is romantic but thinks Valentine's Day is too obvious a choice for proposals.  Or perhaps, like me, the eternal romantic, who LOVES everything with hearts, flowers, diamonds on any day of the week it's a great day to ask your loved one the big question.

Whichever side of the debate you are in, LOVE makes the world go around every day of the year, but there is definately something special about the 14th February.

Did you propose on Valentines day?  Get in touch and tell us your story!  If you're proposing this year and looking for a wedding planner in Lanzarote, I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time...

Ann Leneghan
Lanzarote Wedding Planner
Weddings by Ann Leneghan

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